Aimée Valentine Marshall, London, England

Marshall’s work lies in between the boundaries of abstraction and surrealism. Her work is narrative, exploring ritualistic, folkloric practices; alternative modes of spirituality, altered states of mind and a belief in the possibility of human transformation.

The artist’s work looks at the universal desire for spiritual life, a yearning for some higher power or intelligence, or to reach for something beyond. At the centre of her work is present and movement, she keeps a distance between herself and the canvas throwing and dropping paint to create the desired vision. Marshall exploits the unpredictable nature of this technique, permitting cracks to form as the paint dries and respectfully leaving the areas where the paint falls or collapses. The abstract forms and symbols applied in this way evoke the complexity of raw spirit, animal instinct and cultural influences that shape who we are. Through her work Marshall offers alternative views on human nature and questions the realities we create for ourselves.


2017 Solo show, Sun, Sea, Sake, Sushi, Solo Show, Holdron's Arcade, The Bussey Building, London 2018 Group show, Clio Art Fair, New York City, NY 10001 2019 Group show, Bedroom Artists & HKS, Elsley House, 24–30 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London 2019 Solo show, Earthly Spirits, Unlimited House, Great Pulteney St, London W1F 9NB


Interview with Unfinished Animals, September, 2018